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Let's keep this quick, I specialize in delivering outstanding digital products through strategy and design. Through my newsletter, I'll share with you how I've helped companies like Google, Spotify and Loom have better user experiences. Occasionally, I'll throw in a thing or two about running a solo business (I've been doing this for 15 years).

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Why Carousels Don’t Work

Hey, Another week is upon us and it does feel kinda wild that there are only 4 weeks left in this year? We're currently blessed with a lot of snow which is nice as snow tends to somehow make everything a little bit... slower and quieter which really is what all of needs at this time of year to manage that final push. One of the mantras I keep repeating in projects is "if everything is important, then nothing is". Today I wanted to talk to you about one of most hated, yet used, features that...
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3 days ago • 1 min read

The one question that changed feedback for me

Hi, As a freelancer, as a designer, as a leader, as a HUMAN BEING, feedback is important in shaping how we grow. We both give and receive feedback pretty regularly and can be proud of what we hear or stung by what we’ve learned. So, what if I told you that I was asked one question at the beginning of a feedback session that changed it all for me? A simple question that made it SO much better of an experience. This week, I wrote about that experience and how one thing Dan Mall said made me...
17 days ago • 1 min read

How I write for design

Hello Reader, I’m sure you aren’t too surprised that I’m writing about writing again. It’s a topic I keep coming back to as I see it as being so fundamental to really understanding the world around me including my work! This time I’ve given a lot of thought about how it fits into my process and finally putting it down on paper. I think I even surprised myself when I realized how simple it can be and how accessible it can be for all of us. The results really outweigh the effort and even a few...
about 1 month ago • 1 min read

The Power of Product Principles

Hello! Some time ago, I teased all of you about creating a product design course. The response was amazing, and I was really excited. However, things got busy with work, which is great, especially in today's economy. But I also hit a roadblock with writer's block. Recently, I took a break from the online world, and it made me realize something important. Maybe it's not reasonable to expect myself to sit down and write a whole course when I'm struggling to even write blog posts. It's like...
about 1 month ago • 1 min read

New Website Live: Quick Update Before I Unplug

Hey! How are you all doing? It’s been less than a week since my last email, so this is unusual. But, I’ll be out next week and I wanted to share this piece of information with you before I leave (not bringing a computer!). Anyway, as I mentioned in my latest email, I started rebuilding my website using Framer. If you’ve been involved in design or development at all these last years, you’ve surely come across both Framer and Webflow. Well, lately I’ve been experiencing more and more issues...
about 2 months ago • 1 min read

October Update: Redesigns, Coursework, and a Major Teaser

Hello Reader, October’s rolled in, and it’s hard to miss. Between the earlier nights and the restless trees, it’s clear autumn’s in full swing. And you know what that means: more cozy nights in and—let’s be real—a good dose of focused work on my end. What’s Brewing On My End So, yeah, my website is under construction. Again. If this feels like déjà vu, you’re spot on. But listen, I’ve hit a ceiling with Gatsby, and I’ve got my eyes set on Webflow and Framer. With a bit of help from Aaron, I’m...
2 months ago • 1 min read

Unreasonable Hospitality

Hi! Just as it seemed we were getting ready for autumn, we had a couple of days with 28c and clear skies. I’ve been trying to get back into reading more, both fiction and non-fiction. Most people might assume that I read a lot of books and articles related to UX and design, when in fact I get most of my inspiration from reading about other experiences and think about how it can be applied to digital products. Lately, I have been fully immersed in “Unreasonable Hospitality”. Want to know what...
3 months ago • 1 min read

Kindness and alignment in teams 💕

Hello Reader, Last week, I did something I probably should have done earlier this year: I took a week off. I spent most of the week repairing old windows in our house. While it might not sound like your typical way to relax, I tend to find that doing things that are far removed from designing digital products is the most relaxing. Before I took off, I posted a thing called “The Importance of Kindness and Alignment in Building Exceptional Teams”. Perhaps you haven’t seen it yet and find it...
3 months ago • 2 min read

This email will result in 30 or more unsubscribes

Hi! What’s this? Are we doing click-bait headlines now? It seems so! However, it’s actually true. Since switching to Convertkit, my email list size has decreased with every email I’ve sent. Surprisingly, I’m okay with it! In fact, I think it might be a good thing. Are you curious? I’ve written this post to explain my thinking behind it all. My newsletter is getting smaller, just like I intended Updated design In other news, you may have noticed that I’ve updated the design of my site again....
4 months ago • 1 min read

Consequences in Design

Hello! First of all, thank you for responding to the two surveys I included in my last email. These things really help me, not just because they assist me in producing better content, but perhaps even more so because they motivate me. Writing a newsletter can at times feel very lonely because, let's face it, it's very one-directional. Therefore, receiving feedback really helps me because it tells me that there are at least a couple of you who read my emails and enjoy them. If you haven't...
4 months ago • 2 min read
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