How I write for design

publishedabout 1 month ago
1 min read

Hello Reader,

I’m sure you aren’t too surprised that I’m writing about writing again. It’s a topic I keep coming back to as I see it as being so fundamental to really understanding the world around me including my work!

This time I’ve given a lot of thought about how it fits into my process and finally putting it down on paper. I think I even surprised myself when I realized how simple it can be and how accessible it can be for all of us. The results really outweigh the effort and even a few bullet points can make your next project a lot easier.

Let me know how it goes! Just hit reply and I'll get back to you.

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"A big secret is that you can bend the world to your will a surprising percentage of the time—most people don’t even try, and just accept that things are the way that they are.

People have an enormous capacity to make things happen. A combination of self-doubt, giving up too early, and not pushing hard enough prevents most people from ever reaching anywhere near their potential."
- Sam Altman

Anton Sten

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