The Power of Product Principles

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Some time ago, I teased all of you about creating a product design course. The response was amazing, and I was really excited. However, things got busy with work, which is great, especially in today's economy. But I also hit a roadblock with writer's block.

Recently, I took a break from the online world, and it made me realize something important. Maybe it's not reasonable to expect myself to sit down and write a whole course when I'm struggling to even write blog posts. It's like signing up for a marathon when I'm not in shape for a 5k. It might be possible, but the process and results won't be great.

So, here's a new promise from me: I'm going to get back into consistent writing. For over 6 years, I published blog posts every two weeks. But eventually, I felt like I was running out of topics and just repeating myself. Well, here's to another 6 years of bi-weekly publishing. And what better way to kick it off than by talking about principles?

→ The power of product principles

Let’s Collaborate: Your Questions, My Answers

As I embark on a more frequent writing journey (affirmation in progress here), I have a little request. What’s on your mind? What questions do you want to ask me? What areas would you like me to delve into? I swear I’ll respond to your email, and I’ll give it my all to craft a blog post on your subject (as long as it’s related to product design or freelancing).

All you have to do is hit reply.



“You know I am really stupid. For years I have looked for the perfect pencil. I have found very good ones but never the perfect one. And all the time it was not the pencils but me.”

I updated my “Tools I use to run my business” with that quote.

Anything else?

Now hit reply and let me know what's on your mind. Can't wait!


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