Unreasonable Hospitality

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Just as it seemed we were getting ready for autumn, we had a couple of days with 28c and clear skies. I’ve been trying to get back into reading more, both fiction and non-fiction. Most people might assume that I read a lot of books and articles related to UX and design, when in fact I get most of my inspiration from reading about other experiences and think about how it can be applied to digital products. Lately, I have been fully immersed in “Unreasonable Hospitality”.

Want to know what my takeaway is? Read more here!

Work updates

Looking at my Instagram, it’d be easy to assume that I’m just spending time outdoors with Taylor and Anna all day long (I wish!). I’ve finally had some time to collect one more case for my website and this project was a real treat to work on. The client was AMAZING; challenging, humble, smart, and, respectful. The team, dare I say even better? Amanda Chessa who’s a long-time favorite ever since we worked on Zabka, and I finally got to work with Emily Edwards and the team at Tractorbeam. Seriously, we had so many laughs and I’m really proud of the work we produced for Front Gate Tickets - a festival ticketing platform.

I also enjoy working on really short sprints, such as some of the design work I helped my friend Anna with for her startup Better Odds.

…and we’re just putting the final touches on a major overhaul for Summer Health. More on that soon!

A couple of months ago, I had the honor of being featured in the Nodes of Design podcast. The episode has just launched, so go ahead and have a listen if you’re interested in hearing me ramble for 35 minutes. If you’re not familiar with Nodes of Design, I encourage you to listen to all of their 100+ episodes. In fact, it’s on the Top 10 design podcasts lists in Hong Kong, Spain, Ghana, Vietnam, Mexico, and many other countries, meaning you’ll be able to hear from people you might not have heard before!

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Quote ♥️

“Gardening is a belief in the future. A belief that things will happen according to plan. That change will come in due time.”

Enjoy the rest of your day and just hit reply if you want to ask me anything!


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